Immigrants children - still not resolved

President Trump has blocked asylum for many based on accounts provided by Senator Van Hollen of Maryland.  In addition, children remain separated from their parents.  This is not the country founded on immigrants.  PLEASE VOTE - it is the only way to help with this horror!  I promise to make this a priority when I am elected.

Federal Spending

There has been no end to Federal Spending and the deficit has grown out of control.  Medicare and Social Security are now under attack by the current Congress.  Vote to make a change - I will protect Medicare and Social Security while cutting spending.

Drugs and Opiods

Drugs and Opiods are out of control; yet Congress fails to address the issue.  We need to extend treatment to help families and punish dealers and drug companies.  I promise to address this issue as one of my highest priorities.

Federal Employees Retirement Under Attack

Republicans want to kill your COLA and take away your FERS benefit before Age 65 - and again a High 5  proposal Read More

Medicare and Affordable Health

  • Republicans have attacked Healthcare for all Americans.
  • Medicare is a basic right and need and Social Security must be protected.
  • Affordable Health Care should be available for everyone.
  • Republicans want to cut Medicare to pay for Corporate and Wealthy Tax Cuts.
  • I will protect everyone from attacks on these benefits.

Tax Reform

  • Republicans gave Corporations permanent tax breaks and billions of dollars.
  • Republicans gave the Middle Class much less and temporary cuts.
  • The deficit will now increase from $20 Trillion to $27 Trillion in 9 years.
  • Interest on the deficit will cost over $800 Billion and reduce Medicare and Social Security.
  • I'm going to Vote to increase taxes for wealthy and corporations and protect Medicare.

Our Environment

  • Protecting our environment is a national priority.
  • President Trump and Republicans want to increase offshore drilling for oil.
  • Andy Harris disrupted an energy wind project and supports offshore drilling.
  • I will support measures to further reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, encourage solar power, and protect our environment.

Opiods and Drugs

  • Drugs are damaging our country and families.
  • I support AFFORDABLE and longer treatment to improve recovery and help families.
  • I support major penalties for drug companies and drug pushers who knowingly supply drugs to addicts.
  • I will protect rights of those who legally need drugs for chronic pain.

We need your support!

Primarily, my contributors are not corporations - I represent the Middle Class.  If you can contribute to my campaign - Thank You - Please VOTE!

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  • I Grew up in a family of 5 children.  My father was a Fireman and my mother worked for Sears.  I have three children (two young men and 1 young woman) all in their 20s.
  • My Grandparents were immigrants from Poland.
  • I support Dreamers and Immigration.
  • Graduated from Temple University with a degree in Accounting and later earned an MBA from the University of Delaware.
  • My wife Jen works for the Army and served during the Gulf War.
  • Worked 33 years for the Department of Defense.  I began work at Aberdeen Proving Ground; later the Pentagon; then Columbus, Ohio and finally retired from Aberdeen, MD in 2014.
  • Managed over 3,000 people at 23 sites around the world maintaining operations and reducing personnel. I eliminated waste and improved business processes through sound management and electronic commerce. I will bring this ability to Congress. 
  • Dealt extensively with the Senate and House committees and managed budgets for DoD of over $23 billion.
  • Know first-hand the importance of healthcare for my family and others with preexisting conditions.   
  • I have seen efficiencies and waste throughout my career and know we can do better. 
  • Strongly believe in working together to make a difference.
  • Echo Senator John McCain's values and sentiments - We must work together in a bipartisan manner to overcome our differences.
  • Congress is NOT getting the job done - We need to make a difference.
  • I intend to represent the people of our District and fight for what is right and fair.
  • Join me in the Maryland Election 2018 for US Congress District 1.
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