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  • I decided to enter the race for Congress because of the attempts to eliminate health care for 24 million Americans by the House and Senate in addition to the hidden attempts to reduce Medicare.
  • I have watched as tax breaks for the middle class hide future reductions to Medicare funding.
  • I have seen our children struggling to attend college and then saddled with student loans that prevent them from enjoying the fruits of their education.
  • Federal employee benefits are under attack again by the Republican Study committee.  In the meantime, Congress enjoys the benefits unequalled by working class Americans.
  • We need to make a commitment to our future generations and  take care of our planet by developing alternatives to our fuel sources and controlling global warming.
  • I see very few elected representatives standing up for the people of this State and Nation.
  • A divisiveness and catering to lobbyists has replaced our respect for rights and our environment.
  • Honesty and Integrity are sorely lacking from our elected officials.  I promise to respect the rights of all voters no matter what religion, gender, ethnicity, or age each might be. I also promise to be honest with the people of Maryland.
  • We need a representative who understands the needs of the voters and is willing to work together with Democrats and Republicans.



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