1.   Download a Trifold of Voters for Steve Worton.

Steve Worton Trifold November 19, 2017

2.  When is the Maryland Primary and General Election in 2018?

Answer:  The Primary will be Tuesday June 26, 2018.  The Voters for Steve Worton appreciate your vote and the chance to Make a Difference.  The General Election will be November 6, 2018

3.  Can I contribute to Voters for Steve Worton?

We have registered with the Federal Elections Commission and are now accepting online contributions.  We will also be appreciative of volunteers.  Please contact us via email.   

4.  What are the Maryland Voting Districts?

Answer: Here is a link to the Maryland Congressional Districts.  Steve Worton is running for Maryland District 1.  http://mdpgis.mdp.state.md.us/Con_Legis_District/index.html